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With nearly twenty years of experience on the tactical side of Digital Marketing strategy we have created a new approach to ensure project success. Our process is different…  it cuts straight through clutter that stymies the progress and success of technically complex challenges in projects involving – Digital Marketing, Marketing, Website Development, Application Development, process improvement and so on. We have unmatched experience devising complete solutions as well as experience in working to enhance, support or replace existing efforts – regardless of existing or desired approaches. We can help in these ways: Per Project Using our exclusive process we can we can either become part of your team or we can be your best kept secret providing expert counsel and collaboration in these areas:

  • Project Strategy – We can provide a fresh set of eyes for requirement analysis, project scope including budgets, timelines and approaches that are expertly aware of the exact right match of solutions to challenges. We’ll even optimize existing projects that are at risk
  • Project Development – We can develop from scratch or piece together existing solutions for the exact right outcome. A word of warning: We will not produce, or consult on, ill conceived projects. Project scope, deliverables, results, requirements etc. must be devised by or approved by Web180
  • Project Management – You can use our expertise to guide your project to its most successful outcome by letting us collaborate with your teams and/or your vendors. We’re actually capable of building nearly any solution from scratch – so we cannot be swayed into jargon-laden poor choices

Training, Coaching, Consulting It’s the difference between giving a man a fish and teaching him to fish. Instead of simply providing the services, we’ll train your executives, sales force, marketing department and your production staff how to:

  • Match, devise or build the exact right solution
  • Develop an unbeatable requirements analysis process that has a ripple effect causing
    • Less guess work
    • Fewer overages
    • Less wasted time and money
    • Better results
    • Better Loyalty
    • Improved credibility
    • Increased revenue – long term and per project
  • Plan project execution in a manner that all but eliminates guess work and needless testing. Our plans includes predefining crucial measures of how each project is performing and whether it is meeting expectations
  • Open your services playbook from everything you have to offer, to everything that’s possible

Other Benefits

  • We’re your best friend… we don’t want your clients. We want you as our client.
  • We don’t want anyone’s job
  • We’re temporary – either project by project or through training and support
  • We don’t need your benefits package
  • You do not have to pay Uncle Sam to employ us
  • We typically produce 9 times return on your investment in our services
  • We’re more reliable than an employee of the same caliber
  • We’re less expensive than an employee of the same caliber
  • We’re platform, trend, brand and strategy agnostic
  • We understand the business of budgets, politics, Sales, HR, Administration, Marketing and Marketing production

We can be working together in a matter of minutes – call 800-381-8538

Whether you’re a full service marketing agency, a marketing department or even a business trying to get ahead in today’s Marketing and Digital Marketing, at the very least you’re wondering how you’re really doing. Your concerns may even be as deep as wondering how to begin to corral your Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategies.

You might be asking:

  • Amid all of the conflicting information, what’s the right answer?
  • Is my staff, or are my vendors, up to par?
  • Are our proposed solutions the right solutions for the expected outcome?
  • Are our budgets reasonable or responsible?
  • Are we measuring effectiveness properly?

No matter how successful you are at Digital Marketing, you’re wondering if you could be better.

We’re here to help by providing expert and unbiased checkups on your projects, teams (even vendors), departments, etc. – to in depth collaborative inspections of your projects, teams, departments and processes.

We are an objective fresh set of eyes with nearly 20 years of experience. We do not want anyone’s job, we just want to make your projects, teams and systems better, through more successful and sustainable results.

Here are a few ways we can help:


Why Web180?

Take a look at how Web180 became such a unique service and find out if they are right for your projects.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple. You’re going to get the results we agree to, for the money you pay, or we will work at no additional charge until the results are achieved. If we are working together, we will never compete against you and every aspect of our relationship will be confidential.


Project Evaluations
Use our vast experience and objectivity to determine whether your Marketing or Digital Marketing project is fully capable of meeting the expected outcomes. It is always more helpful to engage on this type of evaluation before the project commences or is submitted for approval. However, we understand that’s not always possible. With that in mind we can evaluate projects at all phases from RFP, proposals, even after roll-out. Our evaluation will show where your projects are on target, where there is room for improvement and even opportunities you have not considered.

RFP Evaluations
If you have a Marketing or Digital Marketing project in mind that you intend to put out for bids? We will use our expertise and creativity to evaluate it and help you devise an RFP that will get the exact right results while mitigating risk, scope creep and unnecessarily bloated budgets. We guarantee that will increase your probability of success by at least 20%. Our goal is to make sure your project doesn’t just run smoothly, it achieves its objectives in a measurable way.

Proposal Evaluations
Before you submit your Marketing and/or Digital Marketing proposal, let us take a look. Our job is to make sure the proposal optimizes and maximizes opportunity and success. We’ll define areas to eliminate waste and risk while ensuring the project meets its intended outcome. Instead of guessing or wondering, you’ll know.

Team & Vendor Evaluations
If you want to know how your team stacks up in today’s Marketing and Digital Marketing environments, we’ll evaluate team members and vendors. Our process will benchmark where they fit in compared to the organization’s, or project’s, goals. It will determine whether they have the right experience, skills, perspective, tools and creativity to excel in today’s environment.

Process and Workflow Evaluations
From budget forecasting and sales through production, roll-out and project maintenance, be as knowledgeable as you can be about the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes and workflows. Allow us to evaluate your systems. We’ll use our experience and unmatched expertise in setting up Digital Marketing departments to improve efficiency, effectiveness, success, revenue and profit… Guaranteed.

Every evaluation begins with benchmarking and or understanding the subject of your evaluation, compared to best case examples. Each evaluation type will have its own criteria.

  • Projects – Timelines, expected outcomes, budget, team members/vendors, workflows, collateral, maintenance/support plans, target audience
  • RFPs – Project purpose, timelines, expected outcomes, budget, workflows, collateral, maintenance/support plans, target audience
  • Proposals – Project purpose, timelines, expected outcomes, budget, team members/vendors, workflows, collateral, maintenance/support plans, target audience
  • Team Member(s) – Job description, samples of work, interview, salary, experience, supervisor assessment (most recent performance reviews)
  • Vendor(s) – Involvement level, experience, dedicated team members, rate, expectations and expected outcomes, history with organization
  • Processes and Workflows – examples of criteria we’ll need based on business unit and objectives:
    • Sales – service list, knowledge, experience, creativity, problem solving ability, mock sales pitches
    • Production/Design – samples of work, experience, organization, workload
    • Maintenance/Support – Technical – experience, workload, demeanor and approach
    • Maintenance/Support – Sales – experience, workload, demeanor and approach
    • Maintenance/Support – Customer – experience, workload, demeanor and approach


Checkup – We will get an understanding of expectations and provide comparisons with best case examples. From there we will provide a semi-detailed report that identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential options for improvement and optimization.

Team and vendor evaluations require a minimal amount of interaction with the team. Typically less than one hour – .5 hours with subject and .25 hours, each, for interviewing at least two team members (supervisors or co-workers).

Thorough – A deep-dive into the areas included in the Checkup option. Depending on the details of the desired outcome, some onsite work may be necessary. The resulting reports will include an oral and visual presentation and provide an opportunity for one-on-one Q&A as well as 30 days continued phone and email support (at mutually agreeable times) for Q&A and guidance.

Team and vendor evaluations require more interaction with the team. Typically less than one hour for interviews but more oversight in their day-to-day performance and 360° evaluations from co-workers and supervisors.


Evaluation Checkup Price Thorough Inspection Price
Projects $800 $2800
RFPs $600 $1200
Proposals $500 $1200
Team $800 $2800
Vendor $600 $1200
Process & Workflow $800 $2800


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