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Simply Put

We want to improve business. The state of quality related to the services being provided in Digital Marketing or technical project development, is not good. In the United States the likelihood a Digital project will succeed is somewhere around 32%. We want to change that – across the board.

We Guarantee Successful Results

Our guarantee is simple. Whether we’re consulting, developing strategy, training or developing your project, you’re going to get the results we agree to, for the money you pay, or we will work at no additional charge until we do.

We also guarantee that while working together, we will never compete against you and every aspect of our relationship will be confidential.

Real Results

When you work with Web180 the results we agree on will be realistic, measurable and will matter to your business. Our results are aimed directly at real improvements like increased sales (not just increased audience), improved efficiency (not just more engagement) or reduced expenses (not just better performance).

Because We’re Better

As you can see to the right (below on mobile) Web180’s origins go back a long way – especially in technology years. We’ve worked with, and continue to work with, amazing clients. For those clients we have planned and developed some incredible projects and strategies. Projects and strategies that have changed industries, helped businesses, created jobs and built careers. Through it all we have learned a lot.

All that aside, the thing that sets Web180 apart is our unrivaled, unified mix of experience, logic, creativity and imagination. It is rare to find all of those qualities in one Digital Marketing and Development firm. It is that exact mix, however, that makes all the difference in devising solutions.

That mix creates an unparallelled understanding of the digital space, so thorough, that any project, for any organization, attempting to achieve any objective – would be better with Web180 involved. We guarantee it.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
~ Albert Einstein

Our Journey

Mid - Late 1990s


Web180 founder, Cale Guin becomes part time announcer for Midwest Communications where paying dues includes helping to maintain station website.


First website designed and developed by team that would become Web180 – Graphic Design for small businesses


Website designed and developed for The Dent Network. First attempts at SEO – achieved #1 in AOL and Yahoo (Google did not exist)


Web180 Founder, Cale Guin joins Saga Communications as part time announcer at the New 106.9 The Point, in Milwaukee – helps maintain website


Web180 founder, Cale Guin becomes IT Director for Lakefront Communications (Owned by Saga Communications) in Milwaukee. Helps develop and manage websites and applications across the country

Early 2000s


The Dent Network website is sold


Web180 is founded

2000 – 2003

The team that becomes Web180 develops Podcasting software and processes to get morning show content onto iTunes.

2000 – 2003

The team that becomes Web180 develops Consumer Generated Content applications (the beginnings of the types of applications that become social media such as Facebook).

2000 – 2003

The team that becomes Web180 develop monetized applications for stations to sell online advertisements to on-air clients – Pro Football Pick ’em, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Ask The Expert


Web180 is hired to develop the Flash application that Honda will use to train service technicians, around the world, in the use of new service diagnostic equipment. The application used How-To videos and testing questionnaires that reported back to Honda. It was developed in 15 languages.

Mid 2000s

2003 – 2009

Web180 continues to grow and oversees and develops projects for some of the most recognizable brands (see below for some notables) as well as small businesses. Areas of expertise are: Email Marketing, SEO, Application Development, Website Development, User Experience, Lead Generation, Database Development – see full list below.

Late 2000s - current


Our Ah-Ha! moment comes when a CEO of a prospect we were working with said:

“Over the years we have had employees who do what you do and we’ve hired vendors who do what you do. No one has ever told us what you have told us about how all of this should directly improve our business.”

Realizing there were hundreds of companies that could build things but very few that could consistently ensure real business improvement, our push toward consultation was born.

2013 – present

Web180 begins an initiative to develop stand alone projects that have singular goals. The singular goal is to improve business and we’re targeting specific industries where genuine solutions are rare. We’ve not been hired by anyone to produce these applications. Instead as they are developed we will get them deployed by organizations that support the industries we have targeted.


Web180 is dedicated to building a better industry where the companies providing solutions to technically complex business challenges gain more by providing solutions that truly improve the businesses they serve.

To that end, we are training marketing companies and media companies to create better solutions for their clients where they not only get better results, they make more over their current methods of selling their list of services.


We build new growth from an advisory-first perspective. We continue to work with amazing companies but with improved relationships and even better results.

We now share our approach with other companies and all of our clients.

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The Marketing Arm

Tetra Pak


Areas of Expertise

Strategy, Consultation & Execution


Search Engine Marketing - SEM

Google Places Optimization

Video Marketing Optimization

Link Building for SEO


Structured Data or Micro Data

Website Design

RFP Stategy & Development


Search Engine Optimzation - SEO


Pay Per Click Management - PPC

Business Directory Marketing

Online Asset Analytics

Data Driven - setup and management

Website Development

Website Content Management

Location Search for Mobile

Display Ad Placement & Management


Article Marketing & Management

Social Media Strategy

Application Development & Optimization

Website Strategy

Technical & Project Support

Targeted Email Marketing

Transactional Email Marketing

E-commerce - Setup, Deploy & Manage

Data Driven - Strategy

Digital Marketing - Strategy & Consultation

Project Management

Buinsess & Process Improvement


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